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Welcome to Eastern RV Storage!

Pennsylvania’s new indoor vehicle storage facility
Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Boats, Cars & Trucks

Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Interstate I-81 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Winter-Seasonal & Year-Round space available now

Winter Seasonal Storage – Starts in the fall and runs through April. When you’re finished traveling this year, park your RV inside, out of the elements. Pick it up in the spring when you’re ready to get back on the road.

Seasonal Storage & Year-round Storage – with Access – For when you plan on traveling during the winter, or need a safe, full-time home for your RV. We manage access, provide electricity hookup and offer maintenance services.

Why leave your investment out in the rain & snow?

Outdoor storage reduces your RV's value

Storage yards leave it exposed to the elements
Rodents can chew on wiring and cause expensive damage
UV rays will fade the paint and degrade rubber seals
Winter ice and snow will eventually cause roof leaks

Protect your investment - store inside!

No worries about damage or vandalism
No need for tarps, covers and tire protectors
Safe from wind, rain and winter weather
Indoor storage maintains your RV's condition and value

“Awesome storage facility and easy to access.”

Michael D.

“Affordable prices and large open access areas for our RV.”

Linda C.