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Motorhome Storage

Motorhome Storage

RV Storage in Chambersburg, PA

Eastern RV Storage offers premium indoor storage space for all types of motorhomes.
Our facility can accommodate the longest Tiffin, Prevost or Newmar coaches.

Weather Protection
Extreme weather conditions are the most damaging thing for your motorhome. The sun will fade the paint and deteriorate rubber seals. It will damage tires when your RV is parked for a long period of time. Extreme temperatures can also cause cracks in lines and tanks. Winter ice and snow buildup causes leaks. Storing your motorhome indoors will protect it from the summer sun and winter conditions.
Your motor home is your prized possession and we will protect your investment. Our storage facility is security monitored, well lit, and regularly patrolled by military police.
Cost of Ownership
Storing your coach at Eastern RV Storage will lower the cost of maintenance and minimise wear and tear. Indoor storage retains the value of your vehicle. It's an investment, not an expense.

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With 80,000 square feet of indoor parking, we have plenty of room to store your Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Car, Boat, Truck, or commercial vehicle.